Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Room for One More?

Hi, guys. In this over saturated market of food blogs, I figured, what's one more? So here we go.

Nothing thrills me more these days then finding a new gem of a dining spot or market and then sharing it with everyone in earshot. Or eyeshot, as the case may be.

And that's this, one-more-of-too-many-food-blog's goal. I want you all to eat as well as I do!

So shut up and let's eat.Ratings:
* (1) Never, ever again!
** (2)Most definitely not for me.
*** (3) Not bad for what it is.
**** (4) Heey, that's pretty good!
***** (5) So good it hurts.
****** (6) The Best.

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