Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Italian Food in West/East Broward County

For some reason, italian food is kind of scarce in these parts. Here's the best I've found so far, in order of greatness at their peak. They are almost all, sadly, just pizza places.
* Pizzeria Panaretto (amazing pizza. haven't tried the pastas yet.)
* Squggy's on Himarshee (Best pizza in South Florida),
* Isabella's, (good italian-american pizzeria. nothing fancy, you get exactly what you ask for.)
* Empire Pizza (good for pizza, disappointing for everything else. The don't know how to cut a tomato),
* Pizza Rustica, (they have pizza with HAM AND PEAS!)
* Primante Bros. (it's barely italian. italian-ish, really. italy by way of pennsylvania. ),
* Angelos (gone down hill, ordered a Sicilian and it was just plain not cooked/doughy. My friend refuses to return),
* Vicos (now inedible),
* Pizza Center (Plantation, FL. Supergood pizza, but it's in Plantation)
* Tower Pizza (same issue as Pizza Center. It's in Davie).

Tomorrow I'm trying Casa D'Angelo in Fort Lauderdale on my friend, "B"'s suggestion. I know nothing about it except it's menu has no prices on it and the listings on the internet have FOUR $s. $$$$! That's way more $s then usual for me. It better be good, cause I'm pretty cheap.

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